In the Press: news articles that mention ATLAS

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March Hawaii Business What's Astronomy's Future in Hawaii?  
March 8 How Often do Big Fireballs Blaze up in the Earth's Sky?  
Feb 1 Scientific American NASA's New Planeatary Defense Office Gets to Work Protecting Earth  


Aug 12 This telescope warns us of asteroid impacts and saves out butts
Aug 10 Asteroid Impact Early-Warning System's 1st Telescope Up and Running
Jun 30 International Business TImes Experts Call For Acceleration In Efforts To Detect, Track Near-Earth Asteroids
Jan 25 Maui News New Haleakala telescope to be part of asteroid warning system  


Oct 28 Space Guard Center Nukes for defence against asteroids?
April 8 Yahoo News Asteroid Early-Warning System for Potential Impacts Makes Progress
Feb 19 New Scientist Earth is prepared enough for the next asteroid strike
Feb 14 Astronomy Now How to Prevent Another Chelyabinsk


Aug 14 Discover Developing Early Warning Systems for Killer Asteroids
Jul 15 The Space Review Science and the ARM PDF file
Jun 29 The Economist Stopping asteroid strikes: Defenders of the Earth PDF file
May 2 Voice of America Scientists Advance Asteroid Detection, Deflection, Detonation Research PDF file
Apr 5 Scientific American Preventing the Next Chelyabinsk PDF file
Apr 3 Nā Kilo Hōkū ATLAS Project Funded by NASA PDF file
Mar 14 Civil Beat Star Wars: Scientists Hope To Save Lives With New High-Tech Telescope PDF file
Feb 27 MidWeek Old Friends // John Tonry PDF file
Feb 26 Russian Meteor Fallout: What to Do Next Time? video PDF file
Feb 25 PenzaNews Potential threat of asteroid impact should unite international community PDF file
Feb 23 The Economist Dealing with asteroid strikes: A close shave PDF file
Feb 22 NPR Russia Meteor Renews Focus on Asteroid Threats audio PDF file
Feb 22 Wired Efforts to Protect Earth From Asteroids Are Under Way. But Will It Be Enough? PDF file
Feb 20 Scientific American Could Another Chelyabinsk-Scale Meteor Sneak Up on Us? PDF file
Feb 20 Scientists Building Asteroid Threat Early-Warning System video PDF file
Feb 19 What Can We Do About Big Rocks From Space? video PDF file
Feb 18 ABC News Russian Meteor: Close Encounters and Plans to Prevent Impacts video PDF file
Feb 16 KITV UH launching new project to look for space objects PDF file
Feb 15 HawaiiNewsNow Hawaii astronomer working on meteor tracking system video PDF file
Feb 15 KHON2 NASA approves $5 million for Hawaii asteroid detection project video PDF file
Feb 15 Meteor warning system in the works – but not ready yet video PDF file
Feb 15 UH IfA ATLAS: The Asteroid Terrestrial-impact Last Alert System PDF file
Feb 14 BBC News Asteroid, Russian meteor: Can we know about every space rock? PDF file


Date Source Link PDF
June13 Midweek Killer Asteroids and Einstein's Blunder PDF file


Date Source Link PDF
Dec 3 A Week's Warning of Asteroid Strike Would Be Simple, Scientist Says PDF file
Aug 20 Asteroid Threat Early Warning System Proposed PDF file